Luke Penn is an award-winning screenwriter, copy and content writer with works spanning across several mediums including print, television, and web. After studying Film at Full Sail University, Luke went on to major in English at Arizona State as well as spend three years under the mentorship of BAFTA-nominated screenwriter, script doctor, and story guru Bart Gavigan.

Since then, Luke has collaborated on projects with companies including Pfizer Inc, Ford Motors, Nestle, Raytheon, The Third Floord Inc., and also with some of Hollywood's most talented writers, producers, and directors.


In 2020, Luke's television pilot, THE PERG, won the WildSound Scifi-Fantasy TV Writing Competition and also scored high praise from The Black List and Rocaberti Writer organizations.

When he's not terrorizing the protagonists in his stories or writing about his favorite IPs, Luke enjoys hiking, travel, bingeing 90s TV shows with his cats, and catching up with family and friends.


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